Kinetic UI

Hello Just have a sudden issue with production that needs urgent fix.
The UI was Kinetic for everyone and it just changed. I get this warning when I try to log in and it defaults to classic and cannot be changed.

Can you get to the web version?

No, I have generated a new SSL yet it till gives an error. as it is pointing to an expired SSL certificate.

I think I rather want to get the Classic UI as this is what we are used to

If you can’t open it in the web, the client isn’t going to be able to either.

How do I fix this?

The only time I’ve seen an error like this is when the sysconfig file 'Home Page" entry points to an invalid hostname. But you also need to make sure you have a valid SSL cert installed in IIS and set in the Server bindings.

Plus delete the old expired certs - if the appserver finds two certs (valid or not) that respond for the same host, it freaks out. (Ask me how I know :slight_smile: )


This helped

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Glad it worked!

It worked after a few tweeks. I just happen to have another error on ECM. I don’t know if it is related to the SSL being changed or not.