Kinetic UX / App Studio Questions for Podcast Guest

Hello All,
We have an upcoming guest on the podcast that might be able to answer some of your burning questions regarding Kinetic UX and App Studio.

If you have any → CONSTRUCTIVE ← questions you’d like us to ask please send them below or via PM and we’ll look through them and ask.

Questions can be of any nature (technical or not, product, life cycle, forwarding looking etc) we don’t know if they’ll be able to answer anything too far in the future but we can certainly ask.


An architectural overview like @edge did at Insights would be quite useful. Explain the new vernacular like what’s a layer? How is that different than a customization? Widget vs Control? How do we securely do things, like API keys? How do we improve performance?


turns around and walks out

Will checkboxes get an on click event?
Will kinetic support zone BAQs?


I’m sure there’s a way you can word it where it can be asked… you can always PM me and I’ll make it civil for you.

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This right here, I’ll try to expand on this, but pretty much exactly what Mark said. Go through application studio and explain every one of the fields and then give use cases on where to use it and how it would be useful to a company. Something like the BPM cookbook, but for forms customization. Explain the syntax of each field and where we can see it being used in native elements using the debugger…

Well, there’s a little brain dump to start.


as much as I understand where you are coming from Utah that’ll be hard to do in a podcast format. Though we could try and schedule some sort of webinar but I understand what you are asking for, I’ll see what I can do.

Yes, haha :sweat_smile:

Sorry! I guess yeah I would love to know more about the architecture itself and any inspirations or industry use cases that helped Kinetic come to be.

I would love to hear more about how the company is prioritizing Kinetic bugs and how it is TRULY going for them. Is this a good launch for them, are they happy with it, did they do what they wanted to do? Anything they learned from it? Things we might continue to struggle with for a while? What can we expect in a couple years…

All very open questions and forward looking, but would love to hear a candid discussion on the product.


All those questions are for Kinetic Application studio*

Thanks for fielding these questions. Looking forward to this podcast no doubt!

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Perhaps a few minutes of where it started, and how it’s transformed over the versions, any big current pain points and what’s up coming (Safe harbor of course).


Will there be any theming options in Kinetic UX in general or options to customize it in App Studio? If not, why not? The classic theme styler great for making test/dev environments look different in classic and I would love to be able to do that in Kinetic.


@amurdock - Yes! We lean heavily on theming our different companies and test environments. It’s made a big difference on reducing mistakes where you thought you were in one company/environment, and not LIVE!

@josecgomez - Will there be any plans on FULL how to webinar or documents for converting various different classic customizations / dashboards into Kinetic? Having both side by side, with a video showing steps on how it was converted from start to finish would be huge. There is great info here, but having a full start to finish hand holding would make it a lot easier to follow along.

BPM cookbook for Kinetic customizations! Please ask if something is in the works. As much as Epicor likes to say Application Studio is easy, there is SO MUCH hidden nomenclature knowledge necessary to get simple things to work. Thank goodness we have this forum.

Padding - Tips to reduce padding to free up screen real estate? Cells in cells in cells in tables with 20px padding on everything consumes a ton of space which could be used for information. Our users want to see everything in one screen, not spend their day scrolling.

What happens with the feedback submitted with the fly-out? We used to get a reply from Kinetic Feedback Response, but as of a year ago, it’s radio silence. Is the feedback still helpful? How much does Epicor receive? Examples of improvements initiated from this feedback?

  1. Why did they go with Angular? What else did they look at in the design stage?

  2. If they had to do it over, what would they do differently?

  3. Where do they think UX / UI (ERP and in general) is heading in 5-10 years?

  4. Who in the world gets to decide on the names of things?

  5. What was the first computer that they worked on? What was the most impactful piece of tech for them?

  6. What is their favorite legacy / discontinued Epicor product / feature?

  7. If they were given an unlimited budget, manpower and approval, what would they roll out right now?

  8. Will AI replace all software at some point?

  9. What’s they current favorite Github repo?

  10. What was the last tech where they realized the future is now here?

  11. What do users not understand about the design process or Epicor?

  12. What is their absolutely best/worst customer story? The one where you just can’t understand how they are even in business.


THIS! :pray:

This is a cool question.

This is also cool!

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Strictly not Kinetic UI, but suggestions on working around conversion away from WCF and what’s the best replacement for BOreader, in particular, (dynamic BAQ???)…

Does Bo reader not exist in the latest version?

It does but WCF is deprecated (that’s my understanding), so either I’m using a wrong implementation of it or something else. Apparently you can re-enable WCF Services, mentioned here. KB0120930 for those who don’t want to read the post C# Customization Error After Upgrade - #31 by SteveFossey. Others do provide alternatives…

I’m not a fan of enabling something that Epicor has deliberately disabled…

Perhaps this one becomes another Podcast…“Upgrades from the Trenches” or something similar.