Kinetic UX / App Studio Questions for Podcast Guest

WCF was deprecated by rest so you should upgrade your project to use REST


BOReader service is still there and works the same as before it can be invoked via REST


Clearly had my blinkers on there. Thanks @Jose. Here is the 2022.1 Rest Help screenshot for those interested.


Yes yes yes a thousand times yes :raised_hands:


That’s completely fair. If there ever is a webinar I will pay any price :joy:


Our solution is to maintain the Name and Color for each environment, Green - Live, Orange = Pilot, Red = Third. this is controlled on the Admin Console so we don’t have direct access, have to submit an Epicare case every time Pilot or Third is refreshed from Live. But this header appears on every kinetic screen so it’s pervasive.

We have a weird color code for the sites that means something to people at this point. That bit is maintained by us directly on the Site Maintenace screen.

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@djonason, I agree that is a step in the right direction but in classic we make the Test environments much more obvious. We add “* Non-Production Database *” to every screen and across every status bar via the theming options. It would be great to add something like this in Kinetic.



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Was there a podcast episode on app studio? I was just going to add my own list of questions then saw the necroposting warning, so guess its tool late now. Was it Ep6 “the Kinetic Transformation with Brian Conner”?

There’s chat above about an architectural overview, that would be awesome. I love what @hmwillett is doing with creating Kinetic Control Compendium yet some things still elude me. Dataviews and data handling in particular; being new to Epicor, not just Kinetic, I think there’s some abstractions and layers I don’t appreciate- sometimes a dataview seems to act as a table sometimes as a row of a table …