Kinetic Web browser Print Preview

I think I have printing working work on from the web browser to a printer. But I can’t get print preview to work. It shows in they systems monitor but never opens while in Web browser. If I log off and log in using my client install it pops up. Anyone else having issues with print preview?


From my brief testing, it doesn’t pop up on mine automatically either, but if you go to the notifications, you can click on it to download it.

What web browser are you using?

I still can’t get a pop up but if I click on it in notifications it shows at bottom but as a Text file not PDF. In the old versions they always defaulted to PDF file as a print preview.

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I have the same issue. I changed the file to .pdf and now every subsequent one is pdf.

Never mind it’s back to txt.

I will call support.

I opened a ticket with support and she is lost on what i am asking. Let me know if you get an answer.

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What is the case number you have so I can reference the same one?

I will take a video of it.

case CS0003295073

I asked 2 questions so I am sure it confused them.

I also asked them about the preview and the downloading as text if those were your two questions.

when did you open that ticket?

I got CS0003295500.

If they are incrementing the ticket number for every submission that means they got 427 tickets between the time you submitted yours and I submitted mine.

I submitted mine 10 minutes ago.

hmm, I doubt that’s normal or they must increment differently or they would be above 3295500 in a year, and they’ve been using that naming scheme for cases for a while now…

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@utaylor I have meeting with Epicor support to review the print preview issue Friday am

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Thank you, well they told me you can’t print preview it from the browser if I understood the KB correctly.

You have to use the notification section to download the file first.

I still didn’t get an answer on the txt download issue and that’s more troublesome to me.

Well that is very backwards and an extra step. The more I play with browser version the less I like.

I agree the file coming in as a .txt is troublesome.

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I think they would need to launch another web page like most other applications do, whether that’s your banking app for statements, or whatever… Maybe @josecgomez can explain how other browser based applications handle the previewing of a PDF.

I also found that when you generate Print Previews in web, then open your Windows client, they all suddenly open at once. I submitted a ticket for this and got this response:

There is an enhancement that will be included in the upcoming 2022.2 release that will allow the Kinetic homepage in a browser to automatically retrieve/open a print preview and this current behavior wouldn’t occur when logging into the client with the same user account as the one that print previewed the reports from the browser.


WOW I just had this happen to me yesterday and was super confused! Thank you for enlightening me!

Yes, I noticed if I opened the client it would display all your print previews.

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@andrew.johnson When are they suppose to release 2022.2 ?