Kinetic web, events, accessing user-defined fields in a rest response

This is a follow-up to my previous post which I solved:

I am now focused on this condition step


my condition works fine for a standard column, but for a user defined column it’s getting evaluated as ‘undefined’

Anyone use UD fields in these event actions ?


All the time. Can you provide more details?

Isn’t the “Box” in CheckBox01 capitalized?
Not sure what’s in your condition, but your console-write shows it lowercase.

Yes, sorry, I meant to, but I got so excited when you replied to my prior post I lost focus

this is what the condition looks like:


I can see the customer record in the dataview in debug, and Checkbox01 is there, but the trace shows it’s ‘undefined’:


but if I try a non-UD field, for example “{Customer.CustID}” == “Test” it works just fine

Try {Customer.CheckBox01}

Oh my…I’m going to drink a lot tonight if that’s it…I could have sworn I kept seeing Checkbox01, but now I think I was wrong


Yep, that was it :beer: argh…thank you…so some of this is making sense, lol

Get started.

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I have the same problem for several days. I don’t understand yet what I could be doing wrong.

I also want to explain that I have tried with the erp-rest widget and I can’t map the data either.