Caesar Development has a multi-form add-on option for Vantage. You might
contact them to see if it would apply to what you are trying to do.
We are interested in getting our labels created in a label creation software
called LabelMatirx integrated with Vantage within in which we have created
many different labels depending upon the particular customers needs. We are
currently re-keying a lot of the same information that is already on the
Vantage pack slip. Has anyone had any experience integrating this package
with Vantage and if so, would you be willing to share some information on
how you went about doing it? I've already contacted Mike Podlin about this
off-line and got some great ideas form him on how he has already done this
but it's pretty specific to his company. Just trying to get as much
information as I can before we start to try and develop something
internally. Also, I know Vantage already has the ability to print shipping
labels within it using Crystal but just from looking at it quickly, it
doesn't seem like you would be able to make the labels customer specific as
required using this method (although I'm sure there is a way). Curious as to
how many people are using Crystal to integrate Vantage and labels too to
determine if that might be the better route to go. You'd really think Epicor
would have some type of integration with a standard label producing software
by now. Mike also said he may be willing to develop something more generic
for general use if there was enough interest from other Vantage users.

Tim Goertz
Bermo Inc.

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