Landing page view filters

I am trying to figure out the best way to modify the filters on the landing pages for various commonly used forms. I am trying to follow the help, but I am having no success.
I created a new view and I think I populated the fields properly

This generates the list the same as the “All” view that already existed.
Then I tried to enter some where clauses to the Rest Parameters, but I am having no luck figuring out how to make that work. Does anyone know of any resources to explain the correct syntax to use on these filters, or get me started with one that works?
The first view I want to get is just Open PO’s

Try this thread out and see if it helps you create some views: Can you Hide Column in Grid based on View ( Dashboard)? - Kinetic 2021 - Epicor User Help Forum (

If not, I’ll get you something more detailed tomorrow morning if someone else doesn’t step in.

That’s not exactly what I am trying to do. I just want to filter an existing landing page. I am trying to follow the example in the help:

  • but when I get to entering the REST Parameters to filter the data, none of my attempts result in any filtering.
    I have tried: “whereClause”: “OpenOrder=1” - no filter
    I tried just to filter on a supplier with: “whereClause”: “SupplierID=‘CAN011’”

The help suggests there is whereClause syntax that will work, but I am looking for better, more complete help or documentation to explain it.

Looks like Open is already a view on PO, but maybe that’s new for 2021.2.

Here’s the where clause they used:

	"whereClausePoHeaderSearch": {
		"value": "OpenOrder = true By PONum desc",
		"matchByName": true

This works too:

	"whereClausePoHeaderSearch": "OpenOrder = true"

Is there a reason you’re using Erp.BO.PODetailSearchSvc instead of Erp.BO.POHeaderSearchSvc?

When it comes to documentation for specifics in Kinetic, it’s a bit like shooting in the dark. Lots of trial and error. You can generally find a lot of good information from the stuff Epicor has already done, however, located on your server: \\wwwroot<appservername>\Server\Apps\MetaUI\Shared\search\POHeader.PONum\default

Well there you go. I’m on the cloud so I only get 2021.2 this weekend. That will help a lot for users and save me a bunch of time setting up all the landing page views.
I still only have the one “All View”

I used the Erp.BO.PODetail SearchSvc because that is what the base view used

Thanks for the help

So it is! Interesting.