Launching customized forms from Actions Menu: clear cache problem

We are running into a problem calling customized forms from the Actions Menu. For example, calling Case Entry from the Actions menu in Task List. It works fine until "Clear Client Cache" is selected, and then the Action menu reverts to calling the base Case Entry form. However, calling Case Entry directly gives us the correct customized form.

We have added a Processing Calling entry and that also works fine until "Clear Client Cache" is selected. If we pre-load a customized form as soon as we open Epicor, and don't clear the cache, then the customized form is called -- but that's not a great general solution.

We want users to clear cache periodically to preserve memory, but if they do it seems to wipe out the Action menu calls to the customized versions.

Has anyone else run into this? We are on version 9.05.604A.

Thanks for any help,

Tracy Mullen
Restek Corp