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Let’s turn up the heat a bit, just posted a link to our 2024 (so far) Leader Board 2024 on the Home Page

We just added a new “points” gamification system to the form where you can earn cheers / points for every interaction.

At next insights the top 3 leaders for 2024 board will be awarded MVP. The time frame starts 12/31/2023 - March 2025

Here’s the rules on earning points:

Likes Received: 2
Lives Given: 1
Solution Received: 10
Time Read: 5 (per hour)
Post Count Read: 1 (per 100)
Topic Created: 2 (per Topic)
Post Created: 2 (per Post)
Days Visited: 1 (per Day)

Jury is still out on if we should disqualify last year’s recipients ( @klincecum , @timshuwy , and @gpayne ) from being able to win again next year… (Poll Below)

  • Allow them to Win Again
  • They can’t win 2 years In a Row! Give us a CHANCE ! :sob:
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PS: There is a Global All time Leader Board here in case you are curious

Staff and Moderators are not eligible. (or last years MVP @klincecum ) ← Sorry Kevin! Spend some time in your day job in the mean time :joy::joy:


I would be happy to give up my spot to a new challenger.

They have to step up their game though…

proud oh yeah GIF by Sky

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That’s the thing… do we keep you in the game make someone chase you… or do we knock you out and let them fight each-other :joy::joy:

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I forfeit.

Y’all can always give me an award for most entertaining, most annoying, starts to much sh@#, etc. :delicious: :dumpster_fire: :delicious:

Edit: Seems I’m being outvoted… when y’all work it out let me know.

Edit 2: I’ve been summarily dismissed, bastards lol.



Don’t disqualify them, but if they won last year, give those top three a point handicap so it is harder for them to make it to top three, pushing the next three farther up the list. :thinking:

I’d much rather be thinking about this than the MRP nightmare @Ernie and I have been messing around with! I am ready to go work at the grocery store! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like I might be getting another one of these soon! :laughing: :rofl: :laughing:



Speaking of winners. @gpayne I’ve got your award next to my bed and I look at it every night. We need to get together soon so I can drop it off.

Like the Island Way Grill in Clearwater?


Have you been polishing it?

If @gpayne is anything like me, he wants that thing in pristine condition.

In all seriousness, it is a pretty sweet looking award, they did a good job. :delicious:


@Chris_Conn I would prefer to do something between your house and mine. If you want to pick from any of the 40 places close to me I will buy since you are delivering for @josecgomez :slight_smile:


Holy Moly… I’m @ #11? I thought I’d be lucky to break the top 100!

slap hands


Is that set in stone?

Because that gives the loudest of us an advantage. Quantity does not necessarily equal quality. (Of course that last line does NOT apply to me at all.)

no we can change the rules.

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I’m at #7 high up than I thought! :grinning:

At the very least all off topic categories and DM’s should be excluded.



As far as repeat winners… if you’re going to limit them… I would say the WINNER can’t win again, but those in 2nd/3rd should still have a shot at getting to the top the next year.

But personally I’m for repeat winners. Credit’s due where its due.


If giving a like gives you points, marking a solution should too :thinking:


I regret I have but one life to give to EpiUsers…which explains my rank on the global board.


Sometimes the jokes make themselves.