Level 3 credit card processing

Is level II or III credit card processing available for Payflow Pro and 10.2.400.17? Paypal is saying we just need access to the REST API and Epicor is saying any ESDM customization isn’t possible. Any insight is appreciated.


This sounds like it could be something that you should submit as an Enhancement Request to https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas so that it gets included into a future release of Epicor. If you submit it, and people vote for it, then it boosts the idea up the food chain.

I believe epicor is now focused almost exclusivelly on EPX and ESDM is “old way” have you checked out EPX?

Yes, I watched the demo on it and it looks like EPX in conjunction with 10.2.500 and above support level III processing. I was hoping the answer wasn’t to upgrade.