Line Release Price Increase

If I do a DMT for Sales Order Line that changes the pricing of the part, it does so for all releases in the line, obviously. Is there a way to have it only affect the data for the open releases? When the price is updated, if releases 1-10 are already closed, but releases 11-20 are still open, the pricing on 1-10 is still updated even though they are already out the door at a specific price point.

The open releases should be using the new pricing that was updated via DMT, while the closed releases should (ideally) stay the same…But, from what I can tell, Epicor does not track pricing by release…correct?

EDIT: Rambling: To me, those closed releases are considered ‘historical’ data, and should not be modified once it is closed.

The OrderRel table doesn’t even have a field for price. It’s all qty based. Pricing data lives on the OrderDtl (order line) level. So if you’re summing up the rel qty and multiplying by the line price, you’re going to get a number that doesn’t gel with actual history. The whole idea is that it’s one order line, just with shipments broken up by date or qty. If pricing changes on some but not all releases, you should create a new line and move the releases over.

If that doesn’t work for you, and you need the historic # for reporting or other reasons, then you need to reference the historic price. Either x-ref with the AR invoice data, or add UD field to OrderRel and have a BPM write the price to the UDF when the release is closed out.

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That much I knew, I was checking to see if there was something that I didn’t know. (I don’t know what I don’t know, right? :slight_smile: )

That is what I thought, but the powers that be don’t think the same way.

That is what I think is going to be the path we take. They are using this data to see what our bookings are on any given day, and from what I am told they are updating their price lists every 60 days. Those price list updates are what is wreaking havoc on those bookings.

You can use the Bookxxx tables to see what a previous price was.


You mean like the BookDtl, BookRel, BookOrd, etc., right?


That’s what I was looking for. I’ll poke around in there a bit and pass the info along. Thanks as always! :slight_smile:

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My personal recommendations would be to create a new line item with the new price, and transfer the open quantity to the new line. BUT that is totally optional. It does help keep the price clean in case there is a return, and reshipment of replacement parts at the old price.