Link Child Job to Parent Job Mtl Detail Screen

Hello All,

What I’m trying to do is display the child Job that is linked to a Material in the parent Job

I’ve created a BAQ that links the JobMtl to JobProd on JobNum = TargetJobNum and MtlSeq = TargetMtlSeq and AssemblySeq = TargetAssemblySeq

I added three Parameters JobNum, Assembly Seq and Mtl Seq
The BAQ works fine and shows the data required

I’ve done Dynamic data quires linked to a button before but in this case, I want it to do the query when you navigate to the Job Details>Materials>Detail screen (No Buttons)

Any help would be greatly appreciated - or pointers to another post that I may have missed while trying to find a solution

Version: 10.2.400.13

Ok, after a bit more searching I found a couple of handy posts and I’ve got a BAQ Data View working

Why not just indent the job on the method? Then you will have one job with two levels, the parent and the child. Same job number means they will be linked together! Plus, the child and parent will have a coordinated schedule.

Sometimes the Production Planner only wants to release part of a Job, so he creates a Material and links another Job to it, if there was a way to engineer and release a subassembly that would be great… I haven’t found a way to do that yet

Talk to your production planner about why they feel the need to do that.

There is a very easy way to have the jobs be created already indented, or leave them separate. It’s a one or the other proposition based upon part/method settings.