Link New Opportunity/Quote to an Existing Sales Order

Hello All!
Can anyone provide insight on how I can possibly link a NEW Opportunity/Quote to an EXISTING Sales Order?
I entered an order in the system WITHOUT creating an Opportunity/Quote (i.e., Go to Sales Order Entry > Action > Get Opportunity/Quote, etc.). So, created a NEW Opportunity/Quote. When I’m in the existing sales order, I grab Get Opportunity/Quote, but it tries to create an entirely new sales order. Plus, it rejects it because the PO on the quote is the same as the PO on the existing sales order. I’m hoping there is a way to do this without starting over. Thank you in advance!

I believe that you can go into the Sales Order LINE and enter the quote number on the line to link them after the fact.

You should be able to add that quote information here:

So, would you enter the quote number as a Part?

The Quote/Line is grayed out and will not let me enter the quote number:(

WAIT! I believe I figured it out!

  • Go to E10 > [Plant] > Sales Mgmt > Order Mgmt > Gen Ops > Order Entry
    • Open Sales Order
    • Go to Lines > Detail or List > File > New Line From Quote
    • Go to Quote/Line type Part No and hit OK
  • Unlink LINE1 from the Job Number
    • Go to Job Entry > Job > Demand Summary and delete the LINE
  • Delete LINE1 from the Sales Order
    • Go back to the Sales Order and delete LINE1. LINE2 is now LINE1 visually. However, in Releases it is LINE Number 2 and Release Number 1. This is important for the next step.
  • Link NEW LINE to the Job Number
    • Go back to Job Entry > File > New Demand Link > Make To Order
    • Go to Order/Line/Rel. = Sales Order Number / 2 / 1 (2 = Line 2, 1 = Release Number; ex: 433830, 2, 1)
    • Go to Production Qty = 1
    • Make sure the Req By date is correct in the Job Entry record

Thank you all for your input!