Linking problem

Hi all,

I have a very nice crystal report that shows me detail of all open
orders for a particular product group; grouped by year, custid,
order, orderline. (very much like the sales analysis report in
vantage, except my report exports to excel very nicely)

The big guys would like to add the contact (that is found on the
order) and the phone number as well as the shipTo customer name. On
the surface this seems like a simple request....but

It seems one must link from customer to shipto to custcnt, doing so
gives me inconsistent results in my subreport. Linking Customer,
custcnt and shipto? the shiptono is sometimes blank in the custcnt,
but never in the order header amoung other unusual things.

Vantage tech support was no help.

Has anyone ever run into this before? Or does anyone have any
thoughts on my urgent report?

Thanks for your help.