Loading Dashboard data based on username and employee id

Hi All,

I have a DB that shows employees and how many hours they have worked over a period time, I want to have it so it only loads employees for the user that are under that supervisor but unfortunately our user IDs are JohnS and employee ID’s are SmithJ. I’m struggling to find a way to link these 2 together so that when a supervisor loads the DB they only see employees under their empID…any help would be appreciated.

In the Employee program for your operators, is their UserID defined, and is their Supervisor defined? If so you could use that, otherwise you could also create a User Codes listing matching operators to supervisors.

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As Ernie said, in Employee Maintenance there is a field for Supervisor. I would fill that field in for all employees and then filter the dashboard by SupervisorId.

Thanks, I ended up using user codes