Loading Job Scheduling Board from Code

Greetings all!

My company is about to upgrade to 10.2.4. One major change we noticed is that the Job Scheduling board has been replaced by a web version. We have some customization within the “Classic” form that doesn’t look like we will be able to rebuild in the new version, so we’d like to add the “Classic” scheduling board back to the Actions tab.

I was able to add it as an Action in Job Entry, and am passing the Job Number to the form using Launch Form Options, but I’m stuck on how to load the schedule with the passed Job Number.

Looking at the Stack Trace, I don’t see it firing any useful BPMs (like GetByID), so it feels like it’s loading the Job Listing on the client side. Does anyone have any insight on how I could load the form?

This is the desired output I’d like to get from the code, which is how it functioned in previous versions.

Thanks in advance!!


You can try importing the attached file into Process Calling Maintenance

ClassicJSBProcessCallingMaint.xml (2.26 KB)

I ended up solving my own issue. I was passing a hash as the Value In for the load form options. Turns out Job Scheduling Board will accept just the Job Num as the Value In and will load the data.

Good to know.