Long Filenames in VB Forms

Hello Gang,
Last week there was a discussion about long filenames in Document Association. The solution was to put the "&1" part of the command in quotes(ie. Voloview "&1"). That works fine.

How do you get long filenames to work in VB Forms when calling a program?

I've tried:
Shellexec "e:\i 1040x.pdf"

and it doesn't work.

Shellexec "e:\documents and settings\i1040x.pdf"

does not work either.

The Shellexec works fine with the Short DOS file renaming scheme where the 7th and 8th letters are replaced with the ~ (tilde) and a number (1, 2, etc.).

Shellexec "e:\docume~1\i1040.pdf" (with or without quotes)

works fine

But with potentially hundreds of documents to associate, this could be a big problem.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


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