Looking for Support for a Landed cost Enhancement request Version 8

I know there have been several postings in the past regarding the Landed
Cost function

in (PO) Receipt Entry not meeting peoples needs.

On behalf of one of my clients I have submitted the following
enhancement request that

you may want to put your name against to support the request.

Thank you in advance.

Please mention the Call number below when placing a call to Epicor to
support the Enhancement request

Call 954928PSC

Enhancement Request relating to Material Burden/landed cost in receipt

At present the ability to use the landed cost routine within
receipt entry and the loading of the material burden rate %
is mutually exclusive.

I.E. You cannot use the landed cost
function for parts if a material burden % is on the part master.

What you should be able to do is designate a material burden
rate % against a purchased part
which will be used to cost
the goods until such time as the actual landed costs are done
(on receiving the shipping papers a couple of days later), at
which point the cost of stock is adjusted to reflect the actual
total costs landed costs including the revised landed costs
and any adjustment in the landed costs (up or down)should be
taken up in the freight recovered account.

This way we
would have the total costs of material brought to account (material
cost and material burden cost) at the time of goods being received
into the warehouse (even if only based on the material burden
rate % as an interim measure) until such time as the actual
landed costs are known.

Another option in landed cost could
be a tick box giving the user an option to update the burden
rate % on the part master based on this receipts landed cost

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