Looking to benchmark other companies Epicor systems

Hello all,

We have been live in Epicor for a year and a half, and the best way to describe it is “We have installed the system, but we haven’t truly implemented it” We went live under a previous management regime whose idea was: Install it, get it running at the bare minimum quote to cash, and design our processes around that. It was a novel concept, and it helped us go from an AS400 system 50 years into the future under budget and under time.

However, we are looking to take our turnkey Epicor and tailor make it to fit our needs better. We want to see how other people have been using Epicor, and then create a roadmap to get us to where we want to go.

We are out of the south MN area, it would be nice to meet in person, but remote is an option.

In terms of knowledge we can reciprocate, we have made do the last year and a half with our ability to create BAQs, and use REST to integrate with things like PowerBI

What else would you need? That’s pretty much everything! As long as those BAQs are available to users as dashboards, etc. Or SSRS reports occasionally.

Was customising something you were used to with your AS400 system? And if so, did you do it in-house or with the help of external consultants.?

Some people use Epicor as out-the-box with just some extra reporting tacked on. At the other end of the scale other users do extensive coding extensions to Epicor to tailor it to their business process needs.

That is my mantra! I can get all the data I need in whatever format I want it in a matter of minutes. That is way ahead of where we were at with the AS400.

Our AS400 was completely customized. We had a few add-ons made externally, but the bulk of it was done by 2 guys in house. This has led to some of the older employees not liking Epicor because we didn’t customize things to their EXACT liking, but that is a small minority

The biggest problem we face is nobody feels like there is a process in place. You ask 5 people “How do jobs get to the floor” and you get 5 different answers. We really want to see how companies built their processes around epicor and/or built epicor around their processes

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When we went to Epicor about 10 years ago our main motto was use the system as it is and change our then current systems if required. We had very little client customisations except where absolutely necessary. Many of those customizations have by now been converted into BPMs.

So, except for screen customizations we have very little, if any coding. It is all BPMs. This approach has helped us in all our future upgrades, since BPMs generally upgrade very well.

This also helps in training since all that is needed is read the Application Help when not sure of something.

Now this may not apply to everyone. We are a manufacturing company.

Vinay Kamboj

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Hi Camren! We’re certainly not perfect Epicor Users, always trying to improve processes and such here too. But we’re only a couple hours south of you and if you want to exchange tricks of the trade it’s always nice to have a contact!