Signed the docs yesterday for Epicor - new user

After some searching around, we chose to move to Epicor from Netsuite - for many reasons… I really am hoping this fits our business model better than what NS did. We ran NS for 3 years, just renewed for 1 year as we do the Epicor implementation. NS wasn’t horrible overall, but there are things it didn’t do well for us. We ran it “out of the box” with no customizations and ultimately that really kind of made things cumbersome. It sure seems Epicor is much more aimed at the function we need w/o having to customize it.

Looking forward to receiving our login environment soon and beginning the implementation.


Just keep in mind that one of the selling points of Epicor is its ability to be tailored to your business. They make it relatively easy to do with a low/no code toolset.
I find it’s better to tailor Epicor to your business rather than force your business to work with vanilla Epicor.


Welcome aboard @anon99908839. I’m sure you’ll find the community here helpful as you go through your implementation. There are plenty of resources here, as well as the ever growing KB over on Epicare

Every ERP environment has it’s own idiosyncrasies, so I am sure you will come across challenges. A lot of the time people here have been there already so please keep that in mind if you run into issues.

Thanks for the replies. @hmwillett - is it somewhat doable to customize it on your own? I really want to avoid costly consultants etc and end up in trouble later when a new release comes out.

@hally - thank you. Looking forward to getting started. I like the format of this forum - I was on an NS help group but it was Facebook, which I didn’t care for.

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For sure! They make it decently easy to do with very little technical knowledge. Any questions that may come up, you can find them or ask them here and folks will help you along.


@anon99908839 Just to get you started in the right direction, There are several places to look for information around customization.

  • Application Help

    • Tools User Guide
    • Customization Users Guide.
    • System Customization and Personalization - Customization Overview has a nice flowchart.
  • Application Studio Help (This is the new Kinetic UI customization tool) Accessible by clicking on the question mark in the bottom left when in Application studio itself.

  • Epicor Learning Center (ELC). There is a whole section on Application Studio and Tools and Administration.

  • EpicWeb Documentation where there are PDF Copies for all versions for all parts of the system, from hierarchy references for inventory, system modules, BPM cookbook, along with the pdf copies of the app user guide and the aforementioned Tools and Customization guides. There are some good examples in them to get you started.

  • Epicor Users Group is also another good reference as well as the associated webinars that they conduct on a fairly regular basis, some of them include the famous Stump the Chump segments that stars some of the regular posters here on EpiUsers.

  • Other Resources and Information

    • If you were not aware already Epicor conduct their Insights conference every year, typically alternating between Las Vegas and Nashville over years. This is a fantastic place to come together and learn more about Epicor and how others use it in their business. So stay tuned.
    • They also conduct bi annual virtual summits which give you the opportunity to get even more information and speak to people at Epicor that you more than likely may not get direct access to going through the standard support channels.

Whew! I hope that wasn’t too much of an information overload. Sorry.
The starting point is get yourself an Epicweb/Epicare UserId and you will be able to peruse the resources available.

I hope the information helps.


Welcome to #TeamEpicor… I personally joined the Epicor family as a customer back in 1997… the company I worked for at the time was looking for a new ERP system to replace the software that we had been using since 1983 (Homegrown software, written & designed by myself). I then joined Epicor as an Employee in 1999… and have been involved with 100s of customers’ implementations. Each implementation takes on its own flavor. Every company has its own internal procedures that need to be matched up to the software, and sometimes the software needs a little tailoring to make it fit. One of the best benefits of Kinetic is that the tailoring is much easier than in the past, and most of that tailoring is done without limiting the future upgrades to new versions.
Here’s to hoping you the best in your migration to a new Epicor solution.


Welcome to the family! As @timshuwy mentions Kinetic makes is easy to customize without complicating upgrades so you’re getting in at a great time.


(Hi @Randy)… Randy used to work for one of my first consulting Gigs back in 2006… my first “Vantage 8” go-live. Vantage was the predecessor of Epicor ERP which then became Kinetic… He is one of my long-time customer contacts over the years.