Made extra parts on job, how to put into inventory?

We had an engineering print error where the quantities were off so extra parts were made on a job. They are good parts so we want to put them into inventory. They are not the top level assembly on the job. What is the most correct way to do this?

I tried non-con/inspection/DMR, but if I pass them they go back to the job. If I scrap them, they go away and I would have to adj the quantity into inventory.

If I do a job receipt to inventory the inventory goes in fine, but the completed quantity on the job isn’t reduced. I don’t know if this would leave the cost on the job, I want to take it out and put it into inventory.

edit: I guess I would do a job adjustment after that to reduce the quantity completed right?

Any insights on the best way to handle this?

Don’t know if this would work; but what if you split the Job and created the new job for the qty you want to go to Inventory?

I’ve never split a job before, but at first glance, it looks like it just takes some quantity of the top level part number (the job header number) all sub-assemblies are made on this job and it’s one of those that have too many, not the final job part number. For that to work, I would have to increase everything else to match, and I don’t want to do that.

It would make sense if we did a job for each sub assembly, but we don’t run jobs that way here. Good idea though.

It was a thought and wasn’t sure it would work for you.

Hi Brandon,

Have you considered job salvage to stock? I tested one here and this is what prod detail looks like for the matl transactions. We use this to pull stuff off jobs and place in inventory plenty.


Can you change the demand link to Make to Stock? That would allow you to issue the ones you need to the job or order they were built for and leave the extras in stock.

Rick Stannard

Close, but it’s an assembly not a material (I was excited when I looked because I thought it would work)

No, because it’s not the final part, it’s a subassembly that has too many. Here’s an example.


OPTION… DMR the assemblies and issue to a re-work job that makes the sub-asm… put sub-asm into stock

PRESUME move costs to DMR is checked in Co-config
So 1st job will have costs of these sub-asms go to DMR
then from DMR costs go to the DMR-job
from the DMR job the costs go into Inventory at the sub-asm level

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As long as your subassemblies can go to stock, just use receive job to inventory and select the subassembly.

Regardless of the demand link, you should be able to process a job receipt
to inventory for the extra items…Just be sure you remember to consume
them if the item is generally managed as non-stock.

Andrew Fagan
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That’s a good idea, I didn’t think of issuing to a different job. That’s probably the best way out the the options that I see out there.

The only problem with that is the previously mentioned problem of it not taking the completed quantity off of the job, so you would need to do a job cost adjustment as well.

Yeah, we have some dashboards to try to help us with that, but those extra parts laying around are kind a pain to deal with.

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Why would it not take the cost of the part into stock? It is the same process as receiving a finished good off of a job. Just at the subassembly level.

It doesn’t take the quantity off of the job. I don’t know why. When you non-con something and it gets scrapped, it takes the completed qty off. When you receive from the job to inventory it doesn’t. I would guess because you are usually doing it when you are done with the job and you wouldn’t want the completed quantity to come off of the job in normal practice. This is more of a DMR type situation since it was because of a mistake. I wish that the DMR had an option to accept the parts into inventory instead of having to go on a job, but Joe’s workaround fixes that.

I would not expect the system to take the quantity off of the job. If you complete 10 subassemblies and push 5 forward and 5 into stock, you still completed 10. It is the operator who should be noting that they only completed 5 of the final assembly.

Think about it this way. When you receive the 0 level to stock, it does not reduce the completed quantity. So why would you expect the system to do that on a subassembly.

I would have liked to see the costs transfer from Job to Inventory. Very disappointing that sub-assemblies are not able to be received to inventory and transfer the cost from job to inventory at the same time.

I looked closer and in my version 10.1.400 I went to the Costs tab in Job Receipt to Inventory, hit override and grab the values from job closing for the cost. Click ok on the detail page after selecting the qty and the warehouse location.

Check part transaction history for a part cost. The costs show in Inventory WIP as well, just make debits and credits balance. I believe this process should make a subassembly receipt to inventory a simpler sequence.