Make to order Job with an extra part that is good and needs to go to inventory

I have a Make to order job for a difficult part and we expect to have at least 1 scrap in production. I have setup the Material with a scrap of 1 pc. along with each operation also setup with 1 scrap pc. The Job itself has a production qty that matches the Sales order quantity and the material and each operation are scheduled to take into consideration the scrap piece.
The job is complete but we ended up with a good piece which we now need to put into inventory.
Can anyone tell me the best way to get this 1 pc into inventory? I tried to create a demand link for 1 pc to go to inventory but then the job looks like I needed even more pcs due to having the scrap setup on every operation.
Or is the best way to just manually adjust this part into inventory.

Does anyone have any input?
Thank you.

Even a make to order you can receive to stock. Just receipt like normal.

Joshua, Thank you
We couldn’t originally do the receipt because the Shipment to the customer was already done. But we now know that we need to do the receipt to stock before the shipment to customer.
Thanks for the help!

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