Manufacturer's Data Books, Material Certs Book in Vantage

Are there any manufacturer's out there in this forum that has come up with any solution to track all material certifications or metal certifications that track lot, heat by P.O. and be able to compile it all by job or by sales order to produce it as an easy customer deliverable ?
The manufacturer's data book that we compile manually (painfully) is a substantial portion of our final revenue and is extremely look-up intensive. We scan certs that we receive from our vendors (not currently attached to anything in Vantage but need to start evaluating the very basic document management module that we purchased with Vantage) but looking up and compiling all the scanned certs and putting it together by each serialized valve that we produce is quite painful and time consuming and usually 4-6 weeks out after we ship a valve. I would appreciate hearing about any elegant solutions that Vantage users are currently implementing to scan/document attach and pull these up (whatever the programmatic solution is).
Thank you

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