Mass BAQ Export (the BAQs themselves, not the results of the BAQ's)

Is there away to export all the BAQs, without having to open each one up in BAQ designer and using Actions-> Export BAQ ?

Solution workbench should fit the bill for this. Can export multiple BAQs, and dashboards as well.

+1 solution workbench

Solution workbench

I looked into Solution work bench but still have to select the BAQ’s one at a time while adding to the solution.

BUt maybe that’s just a UI issue. When searching for a element to add to the solution my search box has a Select and Next button. But neither do anything. Only by double clicking the the row in the search results can I add that element. And double clicking only selects the one row. :frowning:

CTRL + Click the ones you need. Then click OK and it will add them all to the solution. If you named all your BAQs with something unique at the beginning it’s really quick :wink:


I know the CTRL and SHIFT tricks for selecting, but was thrown off when the Select button did nothing. I never even tried the OK button with multiple rows selected.

The UI isn’t great… the tool can be a little clunky. And sometimes it just doesn’t work. It will import 99% of what you added to the solution. Epicor clearly didn’t put their top engineers on building this. :upside_down_face:

I did try the CTRL method to select all the rows.

Used it for BAQ reports too… But that did ask me to confirm adding the dependent BAQ’s for every single report.

Like I said, a little clunky. But it gets the job done. :slight_smile: