BAQ export (not the data)


Hello, is it possible to export the BAQ like the data directive(bpm files)?

In the Actions menu:

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Thank you very much! I was expecting a different windows that performs that! :slight_smile:


It’s very annoying that BAQ’s can be exported and imported from within the BAQ Designer. But BPM’s have to be done through a separate program. :hot_face:

@ckrusen And now I’m wondering how I can export Revisions. The test environment is going to be refreshed…

It is by far preferable to use the solution manager for this, create a solution containing everything you need (BPM, BAQ, customizations, etc), and reinstall the solution afterwards. Exporting to XML will work, but only if you reimport it to the same database (or reasonably similar). If you try to import a BAQ that had an owner that doesn’t exist in the current company for example, you will have to reset the owner from an admin account afterwards. The solution manager will manage those things for you.

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Thank you @HLalumiere I just looked forward to it. That is a power tool indeed!

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