Mass Order Entry Import

We have a company that wants to increase their business with us, but wants to send all there orders via spreadsheet. Good news is, they will give us the majority of info in the columns that we want, but I do see some shortfalls and was wondering work around or if the system worked the way I am thinking.

First, is there a mass Sales Order import BESIDES DMT?

If not, when importing the ShipTo, but you do not have the ShipTo number, I am assuming you have to go in and change that yourself after the basic import. Is there a way around that?

DocStar has a new tool called Sales Order Automation. I have no experience with it, but it sounds like what you’re looking for.

I wrote my own .net app to create Sales Orders, Customers, ShipTos, Jobs, POs etc from our external order data.


I have been working on a workaround for this for a while. We can’t justify the DMT cost here, so when our customer sends us their orders we manually insert/update/close/delete them from their files one release at a time.

The tool that I am working on takes this customer file and loads it into a UD table (UD02 in my case). From here I setup a series of UBAQs to bounce their requested orders against our existing orders. This allows us to update orders that have changes (quantity or date). It also allows us to create new releases and lines for existing orders. Brand new orders (without an order number) must be entered manually, but that is partially due to the way we process the data when the orders are created.

If you want to see some of my struggles, check out these threads:

Let me know if you have any questions.
Good luck!

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You could provide the customer a dealer portal perhaps?

I guess if they are a dealer. If not something in that vein? Hmmm, the next best thing would be the DocStar solution mentioned above or some type of integration solution like SSIS, Jitterbit, ServiceConnect :face_vomiting:

I hate spreadsheets! :wink:

REALLY? DMT is not even very expensive, compare that to the ROI (time you’ve spent doing this, I’ve been following along for a while your posts and such)

There is no way that DMT would’nt have paid for itself by now

#Sorry for the random drive by just curious

I mean… if you can’t afford DMT shut the doors lol


yeah, i gotta pile on here, do the ROI and put hard numbers in here, we bought it at 11m annual /yr revenue with 11 users and it was a no brainier.

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