Mass Receipt - Customisation

How do I trigger E10 to open a Customisation on Mass Receipts as default.

You need to make a customization on the receipt entry (even if there is nothing in it) and use the same name as the customization for mass receipt screen.



Perfect - worked.
Thank you.

Hi @rppmorris - I need to make a customisation to the Mass Receipt Entry Screen and looks like you have done this.
I can’t figure out how to get to the customisation for the Mass Receipt Entry Screen. Would you mind advising? (I have already created a customisation for the Receipt Entry Screen)


open receipt entry in developer mode, selecting your customisation. Then open a PO and create a packing slip so you can then open the mass receipt screen. Once mass receipt is open you can then right click in the blank area of the screen and select customization.

Thanks - simple!! Should have know that one. Appreciate the quick feedback.