Mass Update PartOpr.CommentText - Help Needed

I’m in the process of trying to create an updatable baq that allows the user to update the PartOpr.CommentText field.

I do not see an updatable method/business object for the PartOpr table:

What can I use in place of a typical update call in this case?

PartOpr holds all the operations for all your revisions. I don’t think you can update it directly - it needs to go through Eng Workbench, check the revision out, then back in, etc. DMT is your best bet if you have it.

That’s what I figured. Thanks!

Found an amazing looking set up that should do the job if I can get it going:

@NateS How do I go about bringing in the customization listed under your new edit op post?

Hi Dylan,
The dashboard needs to be setup first. I think if you import the dash, it should also pull in the BAQs which contain the update BPM. Once the dashboard is loaded and deployed to the menu, you have to restart epicor to see it in the menu. Open the dash in developer view and that is where you can import the customization.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Good luck!
EDIT: Go back to the original post, I added a couple of BAQs that are required.

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