Material Move Queues not generating in new Site

We rely heavily on material move queues. We recently rolled out a new site and some parts were “moved” to the new site (Part Plant records added, Part Revisions change to new site, inventory moved to new site, etc). Since the new site, it seems that move queues, for example for PUR-STK, are not generating consistently, meaning, there are move queues for some PO receipts but not all.

The new site was created as a clone of the original site (except for those fields that need to be different) and I’ve reviewed it several times.

I cannot figure out what would prevent Epicor from creating PUR-STK move queues for some parts.
I’m working with support but I wanted to check to see if anyone has any ideas of where I can look?

do you have the same warehouse and bin defaults in the new site? I dont believe that you will get a move request unless there is a default bin setup for the warehouse in that site.

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