Material Part Revision

Hi guys,

Saw a few other topics on this but no real concrete answers…

Is there not a database field for the revision being used as a child part in an assembly?

I’m building a BAQ to track my large assemblies, but I’m returning multiple records if one of the child parts has multiple revs

I know people will say these should be separate part numbers but that’s not how it works with us or our customers…

Anyways, I just find it surprising there is no DBField called MtlPartRevision since you select when setting up a BOM? Seems odd…

Hi Nate,

I believe that the premise is for the current latest revision of a part to be “approved” and all others unapproved. If a BOM needed to have child part revisions input for each part, then when a child part is updated, all parent BOMs that need latest revision of child part would require update.
So I recommend you only pull approved part revisions, or latest revision, if you might have multiple approved.