Revision of Part on BOM

Where is the revision of the material part on the BOM stored in the database?

I have a few BOM queries that have multiple approved subcomponents. The BOM report is incorrect as it is showing all of them. It would be nice to just show just the correct one.



Materials don’t need revisions (like for purchased parts), so I would imagine it doesn’t call for one.

You can see in my picture though that the part 003-917 is REV 06. How does Epicor know to show that one, vs the other 5 in the system?

Hi Ken,

I believe the Method Tracker shows the part revision that is approved.


I agree. That is the picture I attached. How does the database know to show that particular revision?

Is it looking at effective dates?

The Engineering Workbench and Method Tracker are misleading when they show those revision numbers in the tree view. That is Epicor’s GUESS as to which rev will be used for the material part or subassembly, based on the latest approved rev in place as of the time you’re looking at it. The actual rev used will be the latest approved rev (NOT the latest approved rev per the target plant as you might think but the latest approved rev overall) that’s in place when the job is created from the Method.

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revisions in the engineering workbench for sub-components are for reference. You cannot specify to use “rev b” of the part in one BOM and rev C in another… you can only specify the part number. Epicor will automatically use the current effective revision when building the job.
BUT… you can MANUALLY add different sub-assembly revisions to a job if desired. when you MANUALLY get details for an assembly, it asks you which rev, and you can choose a different one than the effective one.
but again: MRP will always default to the current one.

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Thanks Tim and Monty.

That is where I was heading. Thanks for the assist!!!