Material Qty/Per in Engineering Workbench - Format decimals?

Quick question: Is it possible to change the number of decimals that are visible when adding materials to a BOM in Engineering Workbench (and Method Tracker)? Each UOM has its decimals configured correctly, but this is not honored on this screen. I also tried overriding the number format for the PartMtl.QtyPer and ECOMtl.QtyPer fields in Extended Properties, but this isn’t being honored either. My custom format appears to be recognized at some level, because the Technical Details pane of Field Help displays it.

[edit]The Extended Properties edit does work on Method Tracker. Still does not work on Engineering Workbench[/edit]

Anything else I’m missing?


so, there IS a reason that the decimals is not the same…
It IS possible to specify a higher tolerance (more decimals) in the BOM than you can store in stock. For example:

  1. you keep BarStock in Linear Feet - zero decimal places
  2. you have a product that needs 0.25 feet (3 inches) of material for each part.

When you create the job for 10 units, the system will do the math, calculate that you NEED 2.5 Feet, but then it will round it up to 3 feet because that is how much you need to issue to keep whole feet transactions.

Long story short… they system is working as designed and as desired. It allows decimals even when “not allowed” in stock.

Our engineers never specify material quantity on a BOM using more than three decimals. Isn’t there way to only display three?