Material Seq numbers not starting at 10?

So I have something that my OCD brain is becoming annoyed with. For some reason, when get details, the material sequences for each assembly seq don’t start with 10. It’s not like it really matters, as long as they are unique the system works, but it just seems really odd. Has anyone else noticed this?

Odd that is it just that one ASM too… did they set that assembly up wrong?

no, it’s a bunch of them, that’s just the one I showed. It happens on pretty much every job.

Not sure how I would set it up wrong. The materials in the method go in order.

I should probably check and see if the material sequences are matching up with the sequences from the method though… That could be it. :thinking: Assemblies and materials are all on one list until the details are brought in on the job. It there that they get split.

Possibly… I know i had an employee one time that would change the seq numbers

The only time I have seen this is when a user was doing it manually.

Having the same OCD, I had to go and resequence them all.

They are all sequenced correctly in engineering workbench. It’s just on the job where they seem like they weird.

So after taking the 15 seconds it took to look, it appears that my theory was correct. The assembly numbers will start with 10 and count up irregardless of what’s in the method, but the materials will keep the same material sequence numbers as what’s in the method. I thought it was a change, but when I look at some of my old jobs that would have been generated in 10.0, it appears that it isn’t. Mystery solved (I’m just crazy)