Material shortage summary

Hi All,

I am looking for best solution to find material shortage for the job.

Scenario is you have part -A Stock #- 05 Qty.

There are 10 jobs released (which has different dates to build) which needs Part -A Qty#01 each.

Ideally, based on job build date first 5 jobs should not have part A as short. And rest 5 job should have part-A short.

If we see individual job shortage all 10 job does not show Part -A short.

Which is the best way to find out which 05 job has part -A short?



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Hello Vipul,

For Part-A in timephase i think it will attach the quantity to the job and will then say you will be going into a minus on other jobs due to on hand stock

Hi Connor,

Thanks for reply. Yes, that’s one way to check shortage partwise.

My intention is to view job shortage job wise for all 10 jobs together and really want to see first 5 job does not show part A short but rest 05 job must show Part A short.


Hi Vipul, have you attempted your analysis using the Production Planner Workbench Process to load the production planner file with material demand data for the specified jobs and other parameters used. Then, analyze the data using the Production Planner Workbench?

I find myself today researching options for our production control office. I expected to find some system BAQs as examples to build a more tailored solution out of, but all that I really found is : Job Tracker and Production Planner Workbench and associated production planner data BAQs.

In Job Tracker, under Actions menu, Job, and then Material Status, you can inspect shortages but based only on the job that you have queried up in Job Tracker. We want to be able to query for an entire range of jobs at once. For example, job SN-1234 also has jobs like SN-1234-ABC, SN-1234-DEF, SN-1234-GHI.

If someone was willing to share some ideas or BAQs for this, that would be much appreciated.

Sounds like part allocation. All the jobs are short (not issued).
You can explore the use of part allocation, or assign po’s to the jobs.

We order to inventory requirements, not to the jobs. There is a big difference on how you handle that.

I have a dashboard/BAQ for us to list out all jobs that are released, and show the remaining parts that are not issued, as well as the on hand qty. Let me know if interested.

Our stockroom uses this, once we have qty on hand for any short parts they appear yellow and at the top of the list. The dashboard auto refreshes. I limited the display so jobs with 100% of parts not issued do not clutter it up. (just released jobs)

Hey Kyle @kylepbsps!
I’m very interested in the dashboard/BAQ, if you are able to share.

sent pm

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Hi Kyle this looks excellent. Can you share aswell?

Thanks Michael… yes, I do use that but Production planner workbench & Job tracker but not 100% getting what I want to see in one screen.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Kyle, it looks interesting… Definitely like to see the out come of it…

Please share.


message sent

I have always found Production Planner Workbench to work quite well for this.

One more request for you to share, please… or upload to the forum, please.

Hi Kyle,

Looks great, very interested, can you please share :slight_smile:



kpJobShortDash.baq (38.1 KB)
jobshort.dbd (136.2 KB)

Here are the files

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Hi, Vipul,
I’m very interested to know if you’ve found a solution that allows you track material shortage as per your scenario ?