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We have a part called "MISC-ISSUE" with a quantity of 1000 or so. This
allows us to do miscellaneous issues against that same line item in the Job.
You go to Issues to Mfg, punch in the Job, Asm, and Seq, then change the
part number (from "MISC-ISSUE") to the one you want to issue from inventory.
Job tracker history shows what was actually issued. We only do this for
items we don't want to show on a BOM which we get from our Jobs. Good luck.



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Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:00:36 -0500
From: "Wilmoth, Deb" <Deb@...>
Subject: RE: Material to job

In 4.00.904.....If there is another material on that job, you can use Job
Adjustment-Materials to manually adjust that material onto the job under
that other material. Then, you need to use Quantity Adjustment to adjust
your inventory. However, these transactions will create an inventory
adjustment, and then I write a journal entry to reverse it.

It is just a matter of how clean you want your system and traceability. We
track everything-forever.
Reeder & Kline
Vantage 4.00.904

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Quick question...

Is it possible to enter inventory material against a job if it is not in the
BOM? I want to be sure to have the cost hit the job as well as have the
inventory on-hand balance adjusted. Thanks!

Tricia Simon
Riten Industries, Inc.
Vantage 5.00.331

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