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Wow! Shirley, thanks for the infor.Out of approx 1600 users on this forum (I may be misquoting the last count of users that you reported) at 20% representation, that's over 200 or 300 users from Epicor. I consider that more than excellent representation. Goodness! Why would they not possibly run inteference or provide feedback as to how they might be improving on some of the features and functionality issues that come up repeatedly on this forum. You are right, my CAM does not watch the list but is being given that message from her mgmt. so what would be her motivation be to monitor a list that is being "tagged" in their hierarchy as a rant/rave list. Apparently, something is lost when 200+/300+ users from Epicor are on this forum. The basic principle of a group with a common forum or interest should be directed and managed towards an effort that helps reduce the confusion of their user base. Granted, there are several training issues but then Epicor is
not utilizing this forum properly if haven't done their homework and conveyed to their customer facing reps as to what the real deal is.
My whole point was that the good effort and conversations put on this forum should not go to waste if it is not being directed to the right persons to
help out. Unless the Epicor users are using this forum to learn as well.
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Monitor the group? Fully 20% (estimate) of the members of this group are
Epicor employees. I process the membership requests and I get many many
requests from all levels of the organization. I have contact with Epicor
management on a weekly basis. The design of version 8 was heavily
influenced by this group.

If you do any programming at all its not always possible to reconcile the
wants and desires of 5 different people because one might constrain the
other, let alone reconcile the wants of several thousand. This isn't a
defense of Epicor its just a practical recognition of the difficulties
involved in writing complex software.

As to addressing problems, what kind of turn around is appropriate? Lets
take a look at an issue that gets mentioned a lot, Customer Support.

Nobody likes the outsourced call centers. Choices, shut them all down or
work to improve them. Choice #1 is immediate but makes the situation worse
Choice #2 takes time and generates user complaints.

Uninformed responses from Support Staff. See above.

On the other side of the perspective the members of this list spent a huge
amount of their resources on your software so Epicor DAMN well better be
listening to what goes on here. They're fools if they don't, and I don't
believe them to be fools.

If your CAM thinks this is a rant list then he/she apparently doesn't really
watch the list. This is a forum for discussion, the very nature of which
are opposing view points and criticisms. I think this list fulfills that
quite nicely. The point is Epicor needs to bust its butt to make Vantage
the best, and the users need to keep a sense of proportion.

Shirley Graver

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