MemoCat DMT import and RelatedToFile column

I am trying to use DMT to import a list of Memo Categories (MemoCat table) into Epicor 10.2. But when I do so, DMT returns “RelatedToFile Customer, CategoryID CR Table: MemoCat Msg: Invalid RelatedToFile Id.” The data in the RelatedToFile ID column appears to be correct and valid (Customer, Vendor, etc) but DMT is telling me no. Any idea what I am missing here?

Hi Aaron,

I am using 10.1.600xx but it might be similar.
When I am planning to DMT I like to go and make a BAQ of the data that I plan to upload to, to see sample for the fields. Doing this for memo cat, I get screenshot 1. (We don’t use memo much). There is a table that has IDs that it needs to use (MemoCatRelatedToTable) screenshot 2 of some of our data. I frankly have no idea how those records got in there, and think it odd that they’re in duplicate. I suspect it’s a system thing. Anyway, do all of your memo cat records to be DMT’d have data in RelatedToFile field that has association to RelatedToTableName records in MemoCatRelatedToTable?

I am able to DMT the following with no error in test:


What you say makes sense. I didn’t get that far, but having been stuck on this a while, we realized could copy/paste the same data into list view in Epicor and then all was entered without errors.