Menu Security Audit

I am trying to build a BAQ to display a list of people who have access to each menu in Epicor. A full path to the menu would also be super helpful. Has anyone tried something similar?

I’m in the middle of a project of this nature currently. I can share what I have. I’m not completely satisfied with it yet but it “works” for now. Depending on the number of users/security groups you have you might want to add a parameter on the BAQ that forces someone to specify a menu name to keep the time down.

Also, it does not show the complete menu path… that’s one area I’d like to improve. Because of this, a limitation is that I can show who has access to which specific menu/form but I can’t tell if that user has access to the submenu paths to get to that form. I believe I can get there but I haven’t had time to get back to it.
DMR_MenuAccess.baq (90.1 KB)

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Parent Menu ID not accessible through menu

lol, I just tagged you.

Haha. I get email notifications for new topics and I usually skim them to see if it’s anything I can help with. I was like “HEY! I just tried to do this.”

I did find the modules as you suggested at the end of that thread but I haven’t gotten time to tie it back to the BAQ yet.