Merge customer accounts

Does anyone know if there is a way to merge one or more customer accounts into another account?
I ask for two reasons, the first being if we created a duplicate customer account and we need to absorb it back into the original account and the second being if/when mergers of customers happens in the real world if we can reflect that in our system.


You can connect them with the national account structure making one a parent and the one a child account.

Brad Boes

Thanks Brad,
To help me understand better; we use national account for true national accounts, but are you suggesting that national accounts could also be used to consolidate non-national account type costumers?

Yes. You can link customers for reporting purposes also.

This isn’t really what you are asking for as it’s not a true merge of two
customer accounts.


How might I link customers for reporting purposes? A common one I get is how to pull a statement of accounts for this situation, so that might be a perfect scenario

Hi Aaron,

It has been a bit since I set one up, but it is very similar to the what you do for the National Account setup to share credit.

I would first create a new relationship class called Reporting (or similar) to keep these separate from the rest of your existing setups. Be sure you use the Tiered type.

Create the Parent Child link using the National Account Maintenance with the relationship class you just created. Leave off the credit sharing details.

The application help file explains the reporting setup also.


Brad Boes

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