Merge Customer Accounts

Can a Merge Customers function be created? We’ve got legacy customers calling in where sales reps don’t match them, and create another customer, as well as customers ordering from the web, and creating a new customer account. It’d be very helpful to merge them together so the one account has all the history…

You may be able to use a Parent Customer for these.

Jason - does E10 have parent/child customer functions? I am not aware of it.

In the Customer table, there is a field for Customer.ParentCustNum that shows the Parent/Child. I believe this is a separate license though.

I searched for “Parent” and found a reference in the 10.0.700.4 CRM Education document on page 51, but nothing in help files.
"To set up a customer that has two or more divisions within a large company,
use Parent/Child functionality.

The divisions are separate customers that link to the main parent company."

Is it Customer Maintenance > Billing > National Account? (Epicor - it’d help if you used the same terms consistently, thanks) :wink:

It is likely a license issue. If you contact your CAM, they should be able to help get you more information. As far as I know, that is the only way to “merge” customers.