MES - Display Next OpCode

Hope everyone is keeping well!

Just wanted to reach out and see if any is displaying the next opcode with in the MES Screen and how it has been achieved.

Ideally in active work with in the work queue or the job details

Where in the screen? In the labor detail grid?

In active work with in work queue , yes maybe in the labour grid… just need the easiest option.

I am not sure that data could be pulled into MES as the options seem to be limited

I looked at this a long time ago - If i remember correctly we never got it to work.

I believe the MES interface has a “Next Operation” sequence number when you “End Activity” that is supposed to show the next Op Seq. However it does not show which asm. So it can only show the next op for the ASM that is being “operated on”.

In all fairness - i have not tested this recenlty - so maybe it works now ( I doubt it ).


It looks that way Dave, many thanks for your input on the subject.