MES Main Menu Customization

You need to make a new menu item in menu maintenance for MES that has your customization with the added button, then reference that menuID in the sysconfig:

Open ConfigEditor.exe in epicor client folder:

This will just set the default customization MES opens with.


Okay this helped! i thought you made the menu item first before the customization,
Got the button in MES but no joy on the action for it so im going to mess it with.


What do you have so far?

Here’s some screenshots on adding a click event to button (MES customization mode).

I added a new button and left it named epiButtonC1

Then you can add the code for a click event with the Wizards->Event Wizard tab:

Then after you “Update Selected Event Code”, it should be as easy as pasting 1 line of code in the newly created click function in the script editor:


edit/warning: forgot “;” in below image. Be sure to include

Then save and restart MES with that customization selected (in customization mode), and try it out.

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Made these Changes with the process caller, calling the UDMES which has the customization on it.

Then it gives me this error too.

I think this is not available in MES.

It looks like you may be trying to open MES again with that button, instead of the RMA tracker. You need to add the menu ID for the form you are trying to launch with that button, which would be one that opens the RMA tracker. In your previous posts you had created one with ID of UDMESRMA.

The only place you’ll need to reference the MES menu ID with your new customization (UDMES in this case) is in the sysconfig file.

i tried going through the normal customer tracker and RMA Processing to see if i was able to open with the trackers in MES and they will not open. So i am going to take that as a sign that MES will not allow these Trackers into MES.

The list of allowable programs in MES, from EpicCare.

Customer and Supplier Trackers cannot be accessed.

Expand for text

Which Epicor 10 programs can I launch from these MES buttons?
MES licenses are not full production license so you will not have free reign to add anything you want. You are limited to the following baseline UIs and Reports. In addition, any custom dashboard (Runtime or Assembly), crystal report, BAQ Report or UD table maybe launched from a button.
This is the list for 10.2

• Ice.UIRpt.BAQReport
• Erp.UI.AdjustMaterialEntry
• Erp.UI.AdjustReturnContainerEntry
• Erp.UI.AdjustWIPEntry
• Erp.UI.AlertLogEntry
• Erp.UI.BOLEntry
• Erp.UI.ConfigurationEntry
• Erp.UI.ConfigurationRuntimeEntry
• Erp.UI.ContainerReceipts
• Erp.UI.CorrectiveActionEntry
• Erp.UI.CostAdjustmentEntry
• Erp.UI.CountEntry
• Ice.UI.CustomReport
• Erp.UI.CustShipEntry
• Erp.UI.CustShipTracker
• Ice.UI.Dashboard
• Erp.UI.DMRProcessingEntry
• Erp.UI.DowntimeEntry
• Erp.UI.DrawingsEntry
• Erp.UI.EndActivityEntry
• Erp.UI.EngWorkBenchEntry
• Erp.UI.EquipTracker
• Erp.UI.FirstArtEntry
• Erp.UI.GetRequestEntry
• Ice.UI.InfoPromptForm
• Erp.UI.InspectionProcessingEntry
• Erp.UI.InspResultsEntry
• Erp.UI.InventoryQtyAdjEntry
• Erp.UI.InventoryQtyAdjLicensePlateEntry
• Erp.UI.InvTransferEntry
• Erp.UI.IssueAssemblyEntry
• Erp.UI.IssueMaterialEntry
• Erp.UI.IssueMiscEntry
• Erp.UI.JobAddlInfoView
• Erp.UI.JobAdjustmentEntry
• Erp.UI.JobClosingEntry
• Erp.UI.JobManagerEntry
• Erp.UI.JobStatusMaintenance
• Erp.UI.JobTracker
• Erp.UI.KanbanReceiptsEntry
• Erp.UI.LaborEntry
• Erp.UI.LegalNumberPromptEntry
• Erp.UI.LotNumberEntry
• Erp.UI.LotTracker
• Erp.UI.MaintJobEntry
• Erp.UI.MaintJobTracker
• Erp.UI.MaintReqEntry
• Erp.UI.MaintReqQueueEntry
• Erp.UI.MeterReadEntry
• Erp.UI.MassIssuetoMfgEntry
• Erp.UI.MasterpackEntry
• Erp.UI.MaterialQueueEntry
• Erp.UI.MaterialQueueMgrEntry
• Erp.UI.MaterialRequirementsEntry
• Ice.UI.MemoEntry
• Erp.UI.MiscShipEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveInvRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveMaterialEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveMtlRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveOrdersToTruckEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveWIPEntry
• Erp.UI.MoveWIPRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.NamedSearchEntry
• Erp.UI.NonConfEntry
• Erp.UI.OverridesEntry
• Erp.UI.PartDescription
• Erp.UI.PartTracker
• Erp.UI.PartTranHistTracker
• Erp.UI.PartEntry.WhereUsed
• Erp.UI.PartWhseEntry
• Erp.UI.PartXRefSelectEntry
• Erp.UI.PkgControlIDTracker
• Erp.UI.PlanningWBEntry
• Erp.UI.POEntry
• Erp.UI.POTracker
• Erp.UI.ProjAnalysisEntry
• Erp.UI.ProjectEntry
• Erp.UI.ProjectTracker
• Erp.UI.PurchaseAdvisorEntry
• Erp.UI.QuickJobEntry
• Erp.UI.RcptToInvEntry
• Erp.UI.RcptToInvLicensePlateEntry
• Erp.UI.RcptToJobEntry
• Erp.UI.RcptToSalEntry
• Erp.UI.RcptToSalLicensePlateEntry
• Erp.UI.ReceiptEntry
• Erp.UI.ReportQtyEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnAssemblyEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnAssyMtlRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnMaterialEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnMiscEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnMiscRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.ReturnSalvageRequestEntry
• Erp.UI.RevisionCompareEntry
• Erp.UI.RMADispEntry
• Erp.UI.RMAProcEntry
• Erp.UI.SalesOrderEntry
• Erp.UI.SalesOrderTracker
• Erp.UI.SelectSerialNumbersEntry
• Erp.UI.SerialMatchingEntry
• Erp.UI.SerialNumberAssignmentEntry
• Erp.UI.SerialNumberMaint
• Erp.UI.SerialNumberTracker
• Erp.UI.ShipmentPlanningWBEntry
• Erp.UI.ShopTracker
• Erp.UI.SplitMergeUOMEntry
• Erp.UI.StageShipConfirmEntry
• Erp.UI.StartIndirectActivityEntry
• Erp.UI.StartProductionActivityEntry
• Erp.UI.StartReworkActivityEntry
• Erp.UI.StartSetupActivityEntry
• Erp.UI.SubConShipEntry
• Erp.UI.TagCountEntry
• Erp.UI.TimeAndExpenseEntry
• Erp.UI.TimePhasEntry
• Erp.UI.TransactionLogEntry
• Erp.UI.TransOrderReceipt
• Erp.UI.TransOrderShipEntry
• Erp.UI.TrucksEntry
• Erp.UI.UnpickSalesOrder
• Erp.UI.UnpickTransOrder
• Erp.UI.VoidPackEntry
• Erp.UI.WareHseEntry
• Erp.UI.WorkQueueEntry
• Erp.UIProc.ShipConfirm
• Erp.UIRpt.CutLists
• Erp.UIRpt.EmpEfficiency
• Erp.UIRpt.InventoryUsage
• Erp.UIRpt.JobPickListReport
• Erp.UIRpt.JobProdDtl
• Erp.UIRpt.JobStatusReport
• Erp.UIRpt.JobTrav
• Erp.UIRpt.LaborEdit
• Erp.UIRpt.MaterialTranDetail
• Erp.UIRpt.PartLotWhereUsedReport
• Erp.UIRpt.PriorityDispatch
• Erp.UIRpt.SchedShipments
• Erp.UIRpt.ScheduleImpact
• Erp.UIRpt.ShopLoadReport
• Erp.UIRpt.SOPickListReport
• Erp.UIRpt.StockStatusReport
• Erp.UIRpt.SubcontractStatReport
• Erp.UIRpt.TimePhaseMatReqmt
• Erp.UIRpt.WhereUsed
• Erp.UIRpt.WIP
• Erp.UIRpt.WrkCntrEff
• Ice.UI.InfoPromptForm
• Ice.UI.QuickSearchEntry
• Ice.UI.SysMonitorEntry

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i tried to find that list and i could not find it on EpiCare. But i figured out that i could not access them by trying to open them from MES

Hi Ashley! I have also customized the Clock In dialog to show the shop employees the shift description, but I cannot get the customization to work for the users. If I am in Developer Mode, and I select it, it works great. Do you remember what Menu’s or Processes you had to change for it to work? We are currently on Vantage 8.3, but I am working on our Epicor 10.2.500 that we are going to go live in December.

Did you also add it to the SysConfig file to call that menu ID?

Yes it took a little bit of messing around but it ended up working in the end, it was more of a customization with it that needs deployed to each persons MES that will be using it, so you have to configure the MES Config on each machine specifically, OR you can push it out to all of the people that use Epicor. I use the first option because not everyone needed to have this functionality.

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Is it possible to edit the Kinetic (10.2.700.22) version this way?

Unfortunately we do not have an installation of that version so I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can chime in?

In the Kinetic version you would just access the Application studio by clicking on the dots in the top right corner.


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I think maybe you are talking about the new version.

We are using Epicor 10.2.700 i guess it’s different in this version.

No MES in application studio.