MES - Multiple Customizations

Good morning Epicor Community,

I have an MES customization that adds a tab containing a searchable BAQ on the main MES screen.

I also have a 2nd customization that i’m trying to deploy on the “End Activity” screen of MES.

I created a menu item in “Menu Maintenance” that allowed me to assign the first customization, and works great, but when accessing the “End Activity” form, it does not show my 2nd customization.

Creating a new menu item (non-menu item) for my 2nd MES customization (Erp.Menu.Mes) also does not show me my 2nd customization for the “End Activity” form. So i’m kind of stuck at the moment.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips on how I can have both customizations, one on the MES main form, the other on the “End Activity” form, to coexist?

Thank you for your help in advance!

You would have to do both items in the same customization.

Hey Doug,

I thought so too originally, but it didn’t work. The problem i’m running in to is that it looks like there is a separate form being called when I click end activity -

I named my End Activity customization the same as my 1st customization, thinking it might make a difference, but no cigar. They’re actually two separate customizations although they have the same name.

Try setting up a Process Calling entry for the end activity customization linking to your menu ID.



Thanks Larry,

This actually worked for me, but others on the floor logged in as themselves were unable to utilize the “End Activity” form logged in as themselves, even after I entered in the values for my MES customizations in the sysconfig file. However, after changing the values, I was able to use it logged in as myself on their station.

I think you’ve got me pointed in the right direction, but I need to troubleshoot the issue some more. On the spot I couldn’t figure out what the issue was and first shift was ending, so I had to delete my Process call in order for everyone to be able to clock out of their jobs.

This post walks through what you are trying to do. Did you miss any steps?

Hey @Banderson ,

I’ve got both customizations to show using Process Calling Maintenance. I’ve discovered that the only issue i’m running into involves the employees on the shop floor logging in to MES using a data collection license, which appears won’t allow my customizations to load. When I log in to MES or anyone else that uses a concurrent license can access my customizations as well without any issues.

I also am having issues making my added fields (2nd customization) required.

I only want them to be required when accessing “End Activity” but when applying the required option in Extended Properties for the desired fields, it won’t let me “Start Production Activity” because there are required fields that aren’t filled out. Not sure how to get this to apply to “End Activity” only. Alternatively, I was trying to figure out how to have my added sheet in “End Activity” be the default sheet that opens with the form, before switching to the “Detail” sheet where they claim parts and complete the operation.

Well, there are certain things that are not allowed with an MES license. To try and troubleshoot, see if you can make a very simply customization, and get it to apply to everyone. At least you could rule out licensing issues then.

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It could also be a caching issue. Try one of the users that it won’t load for, and have them use a computer they’ve never used before. See if you they can get it to load.

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