Applying a customization to part tracker in MES

There are some pieces out there that explain some things on how to apply customization to a form called from the MES screens. I know how to apply the overall customization for adding your own dashboards and stuff, but not a customization to a specific screen already there. I’ve been looking through the Customization User guide, but I can’t quite find what I’m looking for on this one, so I"ll ask you guys. I created a customization in part tracker to show prints in Part Tracker. I have it working in the main program, but I would also like to add it to the part tracker that the MES uses. When I run MES in developer mode it gives me the option to run this customization so it’s there. But how do I apply that customization so that it uses it by default? Do the MES screens have an area in menu maintenance? or is there something special you have to do to apply it in MES? I tried looking for the numbers that came up with the process calls in menu maintenance, but I couldn’t make any sense of them.

Thanks for any help in advance.

You can use Process Calling Maintenance For That.
When you go in Developer mode it says Calling From, Called Form You need to set those properties in Process Calling Maintenance. Create a Menu that points to your customization, then create an entry in Process Calling Maintenance with the parameters that show up in Developer Mode in MES when you click the button, and point it to your menu

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot in pilot and make sure I don’t screw anything up.

Side note while I’m asking about this stuff, is there a way to deploy a customization to all places (in the main program) where it could be called from in one step? There are 14 places that part tracker is located in menu’s, do you always have to go to each individual menu to deploy the customization? I guess that makes sense if there are different customizations for different users, but I would imagine most will be company wide.

Same way I mentioned, just don’t give it a Called From / Calling Parameter. This way everywhere in the System will use the same Part Tracker Menu.

Perfect. Thanks for the help.

I’ve had luck adding the customization to the Epicor Menu Maintenence under a MES Menu using the UI name/key that shows when opening the screen in developer. You can then apply your customization name at the bottom of the menu definition.



So I just got around to trying this. I am able to get the customization to work in MES by using the process calling maintenance.

I’m a little confused on how to get it to show up everywhere though. If I created a new menu item, but don’t put a called from/calling parameter in, how does the system know to use the new menu item?

The Called Process Reference should be Erp.UI.PartTracker not OMG03004 and it should be enough to have 1 for all the menu’s

ok. For future reference, how do I know what to put in the called process reference? I am using the developer mode with MES like you said and this is what it shows me, which is why I put in OMGO3004. Do I need to look in a trace for that or something?

open something from within the App you want to call. The name will be in the Calling App: node

So Open Part Tracker and Right Click Open Part Display or something else within it.

So I put this in there

That doesn’t seem to work to open the customization from everywhere.

When I do the right click open with, I get this.

Looks like I’ll just have to set it for each menu item. Thanks for your help.

You shouldn’t have it do each menu item. Try using the Erp.UI.PartTracker.dll instead… or recycle your app server after setting it.

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