MES sync issue - Has anyone encountered this?

We are on 9.05.700C P64 and we have Epicor MES "employees" setup by an area to consolidate back flushed labor. So if an "assembly area ABC" has several screens logged in we have a similar, but slightly different effect where we get the front MES screen does not match the Work Queue MES screen. This can cause a "invalid to modify active record" error. We resolve this by logging both stations out and then clocking out also.


I have also seen it where starting an activity transaction (can be done with either a start activity or end activity button) from the front screen and then cancelling it will refresh the jobs that are showing in the front screen list view. Try this as a "refresh" first and see if your jobs show up then.


It is like the MES stations need a big "refresh" button to sync themselves up again prior to performing a new transaction...

Brad Boes





We have multiple MES stations throughout our facility.  The problem that we are encountering is when floor personnel clock into a job on one workstation and then try to clock out at another workstation.  The 2nd workstation will not always show the job they are clocked into and they are forced to go back to the original workstation to clock out.  The original workstation always shows the job.

We are on 8.03.405.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, how did you resolve it.

Wendy Hodgson