MES Trace Log - Starting Production Activity Tables/Fields

We’re trying to automate several repetitive functions for our Service department. One of these is Starting Production Activity on a Job. I’m trying to use a Trace Log from MES to find what Tables/Fields this involves.

I open MES, check all Tracing Options except “Track Changes Only”. I log into MES as a Production worker, with rights to Start and End Production Activity on a Job. I enter an Open Job, then Start Production Activity - the Job is then shown in the MES grid as clocked in. I wait for half a minute or so, then End Activity. I log out of MES and check the Trace Log.

Oddly ( well, not really odd, this is Epicor ) the MES Trace Log sometimes only shows Trace Packets for the Tracing starting and ending - nothing in between.

On attempts when the resulting MES Trace Log is more fulsome, I’ve checked for the Job but there’s no reference to it. I’ve checked for the Job Number - not there. I’ve also searched for the words “Production” and “Job”, but find these in no context close to starting production activity.

Does anyone know what the Tables/Fields are that are affected when you Start Production Activity in MES ? Or, better still for future reference, how to find that information in the MES Trace Log if it’s there ?


Ken Brunelli

Did you ever figure this out? I’m currently trying to automate this tedious process as well.

it simply adds a record to LaborDtl and sets LaborDtl.ActiveTrans = true among other required fields. Use a baq to bring the record back after you start activity if you want to see what they’ve populated if you’re not successful at tracing.