Metadata Not Populating

I just realized none of the metadata that I set up in Epicor is populating to the fields in ECM.

Anyone see anything wrong with the below?

Have not confirmed it yet, but I think this is an issue with using Kinetic screens.

For real?

I just confirmed it. If you attach a document through Kinetic screens (web or client), the metadata does not get populated in ECM. If you attach on a Classic screen, they do.

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So… where does this leave us… Anyone using ECM can’t use a kinetic screen?

Yes. Unless you are not capturing metadata.

I think most people want the metadata so they can use ECM to search on it.

Is there a PRB already John?

Still waiting on support to find out.

So, just got off a call with Epicor and they know about this bug and it is actively being worked on. The safe harbor hope was that it would be fixed in a 2023 release. No idea what one though. So, fingers crossed it’s 2023.1.


Thanks for the update!