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I offer a bit of a warning on the data directives.  I have created some DD's and while they seem simple compared to the method directives because you don't seem to have to fight with epicor's internal dialogs quite as much IMO, and making sure to cover EVERY event can be a bit of a pain with method directives, the DD's are very powerful. 


Use of DMT is affected by DD's and also, MRP runs can be affected by DD's and not necessarily in a good way. 


That said I've probably had to redesign about 1/4 of my DD's eventually to become method directives because of downstream unexpected problems and the seemingly "simple" nature of the DDs didn't turn out to be such a win after all.



I'm trying to learn more about BPMs, does anyone know where I can find reading material on this topic?  Thanks

Hi Tom, a good place to start is the Epicor ICE Tools User Guide, I found it to be a useful. You might also want to check out this primer:

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I'm trying to learn more about BPMs, does anyone know where I can find reading material on this topic? Thanks

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