Method to combine firm (or unfirmed) jobs

We currently get several small orders for assembles, such as 10 pieces per week which results in multiple unfirmed jobs when MRP runs. I’ve set per planning days to 30 (& 60 in some cases) which will combine jobs but done want to do this for every assembly (stocking issues). So I’m looking for a quick way to combine jobs preferably in the job manager.

I am not sure if there is an existing BO method to merge jobs. I’d check for that first. If that doesnt exist, you could certainly make a custom solution to select candidates to merge then do so manually in code.

You could set min lot size to a 10 or a bigger qty, or change Days of Supply to 30

have you tried batching? This will create one job from multiple smaller jobs. Batching can be done in the Resource Scheduling Board on the list tab.

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This works, but I was hoping for something in Job Manager i.e. Split Jobs… Join or merge jobs.

Days of supply will automatically create jobs that will be big enough to meet all the demands for the given “days of supply”. When you run MRP, it will merge all unfirm jobs and will also suggest qty changes on firm jobs (unless they are locked).

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Hi Robert - I know this is an old post but I am looking for the same functionality. I want to combine jobs within Job Manager. We don’t have Advanced Manufacturing so I don’t think batching is available. Did you ever arrive at a solution? If so, can you share?

We have not, but using Tim’s method of days of supply we can looking forward in time see multiple orders for the same product which will produce a larger unfirmed job.

Thanks so much. Yes, I have Days of Supply set to 30 and it does seem to help. Appreciate the info.

Try 60 or even 90.


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I will!