Methods Documentation

Is there documentation that describes what each method does per service name ?

Additionally, probably more important, what methods execute in what order when I take a specific action on a form ?

for example Quote service has 223 methods, many have similar names, naming conventions aside, it would be nice to have a description for each

Sure would. However, the ONLY sure fire way to know what is called, with which parameters, and in order is to run a trace. Even if there was documentation, it would unlikely be up-to-date and one would be forced to trace anyway.

Instead, it would be cool to have something like trace helper utility created by @jgiese.wci and @josecgomez that works on http traces AND builds out the calls in C#. :thinking:

I’m sure they’d take pull requests! :rofl:

Epicweb has the BoReference guide which does exactly this

Where is this found ? I looked thru the technical docs and product documentation for kinetic on epiweb and didn’t come across it

thanks, Scott


I opened this up and it looks like a help file browser. I see all the BOs and methods, but when I click on one, there is nothing showing:

Right Click on the file and Click Unblock (before opening it)

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That was it! Thanks!

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That link was for version 10.2.700
I came across a service I was interested in exploring (OrderLineStatus) but it must be newer as it’s not in there
(we are at version 2022.2)

In your client folder, you will find xml files associated with each BO. You’ll have to parse it but I imagine it’s the same text in the documentation. For example:

Neither documentation will tell you which service is called in which order however. Only a trace will reveal that information.

Don’t forget about the BL-tester if you are looking for some way to run some commands. I don’t know how well that article aged, but you should be able to get it set up. Then it tells you what the parameters are, and you can see your dataset as you step through the calls.

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And OpenAPI/Swagger page too: